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Company Background

The Rosewall-McCarthy Optometrists in Johannesburg opened it’s doors in April 2010 and has remained in the same location since inception. Our practice strives to combine state-of-the-art technology with clinical education and excellence, offering you professional service in a family-centric setting. Our patients’ visual acuity and eye health are of paramount concern to us!

Why choose our optometrists in Johannesburg

Over the years we have cultivated strong relationships with top eye surgeons and doctors. We continue to grow and receive many referrals from Ophthalmologists, GPs, teachers, the local community and people from afar that seek our more specialized services. We also affiliate ourselves with reputable suppliers in order to offer quality goods with excellent warranties and after sale service.

We pride ourselves in our friendly and methodical service. Our team works in sync to give you the all round positive experience.

Rosewall McCarthy Optometrist
Rosewall McCarthy Optometrist

Meet our team members:

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Catherine Optometrist Johannesburg | Rosewell McCarthy


B.Optom(RAU) M.C.Optom(UK)

Catherine is the owner and principle Optometrist of Rosewall-McCarthy Optometrist. She qualified as an Optometrist with Diagnostic privileges in 2005 from R.A.U, now known as the University of Johannesburg (UJ). Diagnostic privileges allow for dilated eye exams to evaluate the eye health, cycloplegic refractions to assess for hidden eye prescriptions and other medications to evaluate the eye in greater detail. After practicing for a few years in Johannesburg, Catherine went abroad to Trinidad & Tobago (Caribbean-West Indies). It was here that she gained invaluable clinical skills and insight, as this region has a high prevalence of glaucoma, keratoconus, diabetes related eye diseases and many unusual eye conditions. After living and working in Trinidad for 2 years, Catherine went on to do her United Kingdom Optometry qualification, in which she was the top
student. Later that year, she opened the practice in partnership in 2010 and
went on to become sole owner in 2015.
Catherine has a special interest in child vision, contact lenses, keratoconus
and ocular infections and diseases.
She has completed additional education in Advanced Child Eye Care through
the Paediatric Training Academy in 2016 and 2021. She is currently studying
through, and a member of the British Association of Behavioural Optometrists
( BABO). She is also doing an additional International Behavioural Optometry
course which commenced in 2022 through OPSIS. Behavioural Optometry
evaluates  visual processing, how the human responds to the environment
and addresses special needs in learning difficulties and reading issues. 

She has done various short courses on advanced contact lens fitting and fits
Rigid/Hard Contact lenses and Scleral contact lenses. 
She has also completed her Ocular Therapeutics Diploma examinations with
Distinction via the State University of New York in 2021 and awaits to be
allocated to a public hospital to complete her 600 hours part time. Ocular
Therapeutics allows Catherine to prescribe higher schedule  medications for
eye infections and allows her to do small procedures in the chair such as
removing foreign bodies from the cornea, removing blockages, etc.

Catherine makes it her mission to keep up with advances in ocular health and
is passionate about Optometry. She is attentive, patient and loves children. She is a mom to twin boys born December 2019, enjoys reading and when
she is able to fit it in, she plays tennis and runs. 
Catherine is registered with the:
Health Professions Council of South Africa( HPCSA)
General Optical Council of the United Kingdom (GOC)
Catherine is a member of the :
South African Optometric Association ( SAOA), 
College of Optometrists in the United Kingdom 
British Association of Behavioural optometrists( BABO)

Lara Optometrist Johannesburg | Rosewell McCarthy



Lara is an Optometrist and qualified from R.A.U. (now U.J.) in 1994. Lara did her diagnostic privileges through the New England College of Optometry in1997 and is able to use certain eye drugs to evaluate the eye in greater detail. 

She has an interest in ocular disease and enjoys using our new Ocular
Coherence Tomographer ( OCT) that detects early changes. Lara particularly
enjoys interacting with her elderly clients and strives to give her patients a
better quality of life through vision.

Her hobbies are needlework and running and she appreciates the arts and
loves to travel. She speaks English and Serbian.
Lara is registered with the:

Health Professions Council of South Africa

Lara is a member of the:

South African Optometric Association.

Sadheer Optometrist Johannesburg | Rosewell McCarthy


B.Com(Business Management)

Sadheer is our practice manager and has been with the practice since we
opened in 2010. He’s been in the optical industry for close to 20 years and
has a business management degree through UNISA.

He loves meeting new people, building relationships and finding and
exceeding the needs of our patients.

He prides himself on efficiency and always knows what is going on in all
aspects of the business. He is also skilled with frame repairs and adjustments
and has a vast knowledge of available spectacle lenses and coatings. 
Sadheer finds joy in fishing, gardening and spending time with family and

Karen Optometrist Johannesburg | Rosewell McCarthy


Dip.Public Relations

Karen is an optical assistant and has been in the industry for over 20 years.
She has a diploma in public relations and a passion for people. Karen is great
at choosing the right frame for your face and fitting it correctly. Karen also
does contact lens instructions and is extremely patient and caring . 

She is really friendly, a good listener and empathetic. She loves baking and is
a dog lover. Karen is multi-lingual, she can speak English, Afrikaans and
German. When you speak to Karen, rest assured that you are in very capable

Amanda Optometrist Johannesburg | Rosewell McCarthy



Amanda is our newest team member. She has been in Optics for over 20
years and worked for a major lens manufacturer for 7 of those years. Amanda
knows her spectacle lenses very well and is the right person to advise on
whether you need to thin your lenses or go with a more personalised lens
option. Not only does she have extensive optical experience but she is warm and very helpful. 

Amanda did her Professional Practice Assistant certificate with R.A.U ,now
known as the University of Johannesburg in 2001. She speaks Afrikaans and
English ,enjoys arts and crafts and is a big Rugby fan.

Faith TechFaith Tech
12:08 27 Jul 22
I had a beautiful experience, very friendly staff and I got to see my eye anatomy, definitely a plus. A passionate, professional and all round lovely bunch 🙂
Martin WoodMartin Wood
14:00 30 Jun 22
I lost my glasses and needed them replaced urgently as I was traveling outside the country within the next 5 days. They went the extra mile to organize and facilitate the manufacture of my prescription lens. I got my new glasses within 3 days!!! Fantastic service and with a big smile from everyone.
Irvine LehlooIrvine Lehloo
11:43 10 Jun 21
I don't trust anyone else except Catherine, and her amazing team at Rosewall-McCarthy Optometrists, to take care of my eyes. Everyone there is friendly, kind, professional and efficient, and always willing to assist with any request or concern - no matter how serious or how superficial it is. Having tried a few different practices before this one, I can definitely assure anyone reading this, that you will not get better eye care anywhere else!
Alexia De Beer (Lexi)Alexia De Beer (Lexi)
08:39 15 Mar 21
I have been testing my eyes there probably for the past 3 or 4 years and will never go to any other Optometrist again, service is always amazing, friendly staff and the level of care and patience by both the Optometrist and Team really just shows true dedication. This year I took my son for his eye test there as well, and I have to say the way my son was put at ease and the time taken while doing his test really impressed me, he was calm and relaxed throughout the test, without me even having to be in the room. I really appreciate the extra care and patience the team puts in and will always be my Optometrist of choice!!!
Celeste EclipseCeleste Eclipse
15:55 14 May 19
Catherine and her team are very professional and come highly recommended. My entire family has seen Catherine for their annual eye check ups for the past two years and all of us received exceptional service. Catherine is extremely thorough, proficient and we all love our specs and contacts. An all round great optometry experience for the entire family!

What our patients say about us

I´ve worn glasses all my adult life and seen many opticians in this time, but Catherine is THE most professional, thorough and friendly optometrist. Rosewall-McCarthy have supplied me with several pairs of glasses, including multifocal lenses and prescription sunglasses over the years. They stock a fantastic range of designer frames and Sadheer is amazing at helping you choose the right pair, then adjust them to fit perfectly. I have no hesitation in recommending Catherine and her superb team!
Jayne Verity
Having worn glasses for over 4 decades I have visited many opticians over the years and I have to say that Catherine of Rosewall McCarthy opticians is one of the best. For the first time someone took the trouble to explain how my eyes had changed and why and what changes I could expect in the future. Looking to get multi focal glasses for the first time, Catherine took the time to explain the pros and cons of them as well as explaining the different types and costing structure of each type. At the end I felt empowered to make the right decision as to what glasses to get and am very happy with the end result. I am now recommending Catherine to all my friends and family, and I believe that she is a huge asset to her profession.
Helen Talbot
I would like to personally thank you for your incredible commitment and professionalism in the way you assisted with the difficult task of commissioning glasses for my 2-year-old granddaughter, who has a congenital condition that requires +7 lenses for both her eyes. My son was previously sourcing the glasses from the UK, and when I asked you to investigate whether it will be possible to assist them from here, you put so much effort into researching a solution for her, and provided detailed quotes with alternative options built in. At that stage they were only wanting to find out whether it WAS possible to find a local solution. Six months later she needed new glasses and a broken frame repaired. Your service was amazing, and your pricing competitive. The glasses were just perfect and I know you will be the one they come to for the entire family going forward! Thank you again for displaying such empathy and care – you obviously have a passion to help others, and provide a service you can be proud of! I will recommend you to all my friends, family and acquaintances!
Fiorna Kroger
I was the first person ever at age 7 to have an artificial lens implant done in 1977. I still have the original lens after much eye trauma including a detached retina. With their deep expertise and professionalism, Rosewall-McCarthy Optometrists have been my partners for the last five years ensuring that my reading and sunglass lenses are perfectly adapted to facilitate the best vision possible. They have also helped me immensely with checking the ongoing health of my eyes. I trust them and would recommend them without hesitation for the most basic or most advanced vision challenges.
Clinton van Winkel
Catherine is absolutely phenomenal. She is extremely professional and excellent at what she does. Her staff are also very caring and helpful which makes the whole experience great. I was very happy with the glasses she recommended and she has also given me advice in regard to the care of my eyes when I have requested same. I would highly recommend her and was impressed at her vast wealth of knowledge in her field as an optometrist. I feel I am in the best hands!
Jodene Cilliers
Catherine is extremely thorough, caring and really knows her optometry. I have recommended friends to her and they, too, sing her praises.
Jane Green
How other people feel about going to the dentist fades in comparison to how I feel about going to the optometrist. I have severe keratoconus in my right eye. Going for a new set of contact lenses was a traumatic experience every time, until I found Catherine Rosewall. A normal lens fitting would mean testing, testing, testing, waiting for lens for 3-7 days, fitting (lens pops out, droop, hang, fog up etc), testing-waiting-fitting repeat, repeat, repeat. Takes anything from 2 months to my last encounter 9 MONTHS (where 2 optometrists worked together and told me after 9 months that they give up). I went to Catherine. She does the measurements and testing and then takes out these amazing sets of different test lenses. Fits 3-5 to see which one is the best fit. Sends down to lab for a "modified" one and 2 days later I pick up my new lenses. Catherine you are truly an amazing optometrist and in my eyes a specialist in keratoconus lens fittings. I can not say thank you enough times to show my gratitude for having you in my "seeing" life.
Eureka Terblanche
My very last pair of contacts lenses expired at the end of a very long day at work two months ago. Rosewall-McCarthy’s had just closed for the day, and I was desperate for replacements, because my job is heavily reliant on making a good first impression - so going blind for a day would have been disastrous. I called Catherine and explained my need to her. Despite the fact that she and her husband were committed to a dinner engagement, Catherine still managed to supply me with a new set of contacts that very same night! The ability of the Rosewall-McCarthy team to go above and beyond the call of duty is the reason why they are my first choice when it comes to quality eye care. Whatever your need - from cosmetic eyeware, to prescription glasses and contact lenses, Rosewall-McCarthy will take care of your needs, and back it up with first-rate service. My most sincere and heartfelt thanks to Catherine and her team for coming to my aid that day, and for their great service every time I visit their practice!
Irvine Lehloo
I have been a patient of Catherine’s since she began practicing as an Optometrist. She possess an excellent bedside manner and I am impressed with her clinical expertise. I wear spectacles and astigmatism contact lenses which are not readily available because of the prescription. Sadheer, the optical assistant goes the extra mile to ensure that I always have contact lenses and is always accommodating with my requirements. He is professional, friendly and helpful when it comes to choosing, repairing and adjusting the frames of my spectacles. I have often recommend Rosewall-McCarthy Optometrists to friends and family who are currently satisfied patients.
Stella Helwick
As long standing clients of this amazing Optometrist, we simply cannot endorse them more highly – professional, polite, prompt, accommodating, helpful and extremely caring at all times. My husband’s family have been with them for many years and when I married Brett, I was so impressed with their service, that I left my previous optometrists immediately! Catherine, recently arranged for a ‘pro bono’ cornea transplant for my fabulous gardener who was going blind, through a contact of a cornea specialist surgeon she had met – this was so beyond the call of duty and made a huge difference to his and our lives – she did not have to go to all that trouble, but she did, and changed a life. She continues to see him at an extremely low fee and has said she will do so as long as we need her, no matter how long. Suffice to say, they are unquestionable and would, and have, recommended them without hesitation to all I know or who ask!
Brett and Philippa Bowes and family